East Cornwall Search and Rescue Team area

East Cornwall Search and Rescue Team is a local charity (CIO number 1184106) based in Bodmin, Cornwall and is made up entirely of volunteers who provide an inland search and rescue service across the East Cornwall area.

ECSRT are able to conduct main shaft rescues and basic searches utilising their underground, rope rescue and casualty care qualified members. ECSRT are committed to developing their underground capability in conjunction with BCRC and will look to actively support neighbouring teams and other agencies.

ECSRT is a member of the Peninsular Mountain and Cave Rescue Association, the coordinating region of Mountain Rescue England and Wales.

Website: www.eastcornwallsrt.org.uk

CSRT are also affiliated to Mountain Rescue (England and Wales).

Neighbouring Cave Rescue Teams

Devon Cave Rescue Organisation

West Cornwall Search & Rescue Team

Police Authority

38. Devon and Cornwall