The joint BCRC Conference and BCA Party weekend was held over the weekend of 12-14 June 2015 at the excellent “Dean Field Studies Centre”, in the heart of the Forest of Dean.

A Big Thank You to All Involved

We would like to thank everyone involved, be they attendees, workshop providers or the hard working catering and bar staff for making the weekend such an enjoyable event.

The mix of seminars, discussions and underground activities worked well, giving members of various rescue teams and non-team members to meet, swap stories, ideas and techniques.

Over 100 people were involved in the Rescue Practice at Old Ham on the Sunday, and we didn’t seem to loose anyone! .

Any profits from the event will be shared between the organising cave rescue teams, GCRG and MCRO.

Finally: If you took any pictures or videos during the event we would very much like to see them and collate them to make a record of the event.


Paul Taylor, Chair GCRG.