A Party is Trapped by Flooding

Many caves are formed along stream passages that have disappeared underground in limestone regions. Such passages offer an exiting and exhilarating days entertainment for fit and adventurous cavers. But many such stream passages will become impassable with the onset of heavy rain on the surface. In the event, a party may have great difficulty making their way out, becoming exhausted in the process, or may even become trapped.

Rescue teams will be familiar with the caves in their region and may well know of bypasses to the difficult sections of caves, and would thus be able to reach a trapped party and guide them out. They may be able to arrange ropes in a different way to avoid the worst of a flooded passage and again rescue the party.

If these options fail, the party may well remain trapped. In such cases, rescue experts will assess the problem and the options – can the flooded stream be diverted or dammed, can sufficient water be pumped away, can cave divers get to the missing party

Sometimes the only option is to await the flood to subside.

Eventually, a rescue party will be able to get into the cave and locate the party. They will be given food and warm drinks and, hopefully, will be able to make their own way out. It is unusual for members of a flooded party to be stretcher cases, although it may take considerable effort of the rescue team to assist an exhausted party to the surface.