Royal Humane Society Awards Presentation

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On Wednesday 13 November 2019 members of the BCRC team involved in the 2018 Tham Luang rescue in Thailand received Royal Humane Society awards from HRH Princess Alexandra, the Society’s President.

The awards are as follows:

Silver Medal

  • Rick Stanton MBE GM
  • John Volanthen GM

Bronze Medal

  • Josh Bratchley MBE
  • Chris Jewell QGM
  • Jason Mallinson QGM
  • Connor Roe MBE
  • Jim Warny

Certificate of Commendation

  • Rob Harper
  • Vernon Unsworth MBE

Royal Humane Society Stanhope MedalStanhope Gold Medal

It was announced on 20 November 2019 that Rick Stanton and John Volanthen have also been awarded the Royal Humane Society’s Stanhope Gold Medal. This medal is awarded each year to the top nomination of silver medallists sent in from Canada, Australia, New South Wales, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, the Liverpool Shipwreck & Humane Society and the Royal Humane Society. This year is the first occasion on which the medal has been awarded to two people and it is believed they are the only people ever to have been awarded all three RHS medals – i.e. bronze, silver and gold.


2019 Royal Humane Society Award winners