Notice for those wishing to send ideas to facilitate the cave rescue operation in Thailand

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Reply to the many offers of help in the cave rescue operation in Tham Luang Nang Non Cave, Thailand

Here, the BCRC wishes to acknowledge and provide a general reply to all those who have offered many and varied ideas to facilitate the rescue of the young people trapped underground in Tham Luang Nang Non Cave, Thailand. The briefing also provides instructions directed at anyone else with an idea that they sincerely believe may assist the Thai authorities in this rescue operation.

Update for teams and media compiled 08.40h BST, Saturday 7 July 2018

BCRC have been receiving a huge number of e-mails from people offering their services to assist with the rescue operations taking place in Thailand and also a large number of suggestions as to how a rescue of the trapped boys might be carried out. We are truly grateful to everyone contacting us with such offers and ideas but it has to be remembered that the BCRC cave diving team in Thailand is only a small part of the enormous overall rescue effort and is focussed entirely on diving operations and providing specialist cave diving advice. The operation as a whole is under the command of the Thai authorities and it is they who make all decisions on how the rescue efforts are organised and what methods should be adopted.

Point of contact:

Consequently, all offers of help and ideas not directly relevant to the BCRC cave diving team’s specialist role should be directed to the Royal Thai Embassy in the country where you are located ( for them to assess and decide whether or not to pass on to the rescue commanders in Thailand.

PDF -BCRC Media Briefing Report 6

Briefing prepared by Bill Whitehouse – Vice Chairman, BCRC.

7 July 2018.