Nicola 3 Radios – Issued

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The Nicola 3 radios have now been issued to all teams. A BIG thank you to everyone involved in the role-out.

We are now entering the “testing” phase and look forward to seeing how they function in practice with the teams.

Graham Naylor has started a Facebook page for the Nicola radio – search for @associationnicola or jump straight there now AssociationNicola

Don’t forget to send us any feedback or ask us questions about the sets.

Pete Allwright

2016 Nicola 3 radio (Photo: Mendip Cave Rescue/Estelle Sandford)Nicola 3 radio on test in Reservoir Hole, Mendip (Photo: Mendip Cave Rescue)Nicola 3 radio - issued in July 2016 (Photo: Mendip Cave Rescue/Estelle Sandford)