Key phase of the rescue operation to bring the boys out of Tham Luang Nang Non Cave begins

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Key phase of the rescue operation to bring the boys out of Tham Luang Nang Non Cave begins

The BCRC relays here a formal media briefing from the cave rescue camp in northern Thailand. It is produced jointly by the Thai authorities and international partners who are on site. There are three separate statements which we can circulated at this time. Some of the names and titles of those that spoke are not complete and there are some incomplete sentences in the version received.

Update for teams and media compiled 09:00h BST, Sunday 8 July 2018

  1. Chief of operations – Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn – confirmed that today is the best day to undertake the extraction of the trapped group. The rescue team comprises 13 international divers and 5 Thai navy SEAL divers, all ready, and the weather is also permitting. Following an assessment from the Australian doctor yesterday, he confirmed that the trapped are mentally and physically well enough to move. Their families have been informed. The chief confirmed the operation had started at 10:00h today and the earliest time the rescuers will exit the cave is 21:00h today. NO CLEAR INDICATION THAT 13 OF THEM WILL BE OUT AT THE SAME TIME. It is stressed that it is a continuous mission.
  2. Details on the mission. One child will be accompanied by two divers. The water level in chamber 1, 2 and 3 has dropped. Hence, it’s is walkable in these chambers. The Chief confirmed too that the rescue exercise has been practised prior to today’s mission. The Deputy Commander of Region concurs with the Chief that this is the best in terms of timing and plans of the rescue. He asked for everyone’s cooperation to remain at least 200 metres further away from where the main operation is based (cave’s entrance).
  3. A representative from Chiang Rai Public Health Office confirmed that the doctor and paramedics are standing by to provide medical attention whenever the rescue team emerge. Deputy director of DDPM They continue to monitor the electricity and the water level in the cave.

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PDF- BCRC Media Briefing Report 9

Briefing prepared by the Thai authorities, 8 July 2018.