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Honeywell Analytics Donate Portable Gas Detectors to all UK Cave/Mine Rescue Teams

The British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC) is extremely grateful to Peter Barratt (Key Account Manager, Honeywell Analytics, Middlewich, Cheshire) and Joe Exon (Zone Manager, Honeywell Analytics, Poole, Dorset) for the generous donation of portable gas detectors to all fifteen BCRC underground (cave and mine) rescue teams across the UK and Ireland.

Presentation of the Honeywell Analytics Multi-Gas Detectors to BCRC, Buxton Fire Station
Presentation by Peter Barratt (Key Account Manager, Honeywell Analytics, Middlewich, Cheshire) of the Multi-Gas Detectors to the BCRC at Buxton Fire Station, Derbyshire, April 2019. L to R: Jon Whiteley (BCRC), Emma Porter (BCRC Secretary), Jim Davis (BCRC Training Co-ordinator), Mike Clayton (BCRC Equipment Officer), Peter Barratt (Honeywell Analytics), Peter Dell (Derbyshire CRO), Gary Mitchell (BCRC Assistant Chair), Bill Whitehouse (BCRC Vice Chair), Peter Dennis (BCRC Chair).

Peter Barratt formally presented the gas detectors to teams at the BCRC AGM held at Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service HQ, Buxton on Sunday 7 April.

He announced “Honeywell Analytics are delighted to provide British Cave Rescue Council teams with portable gas monitors and associated calibration equipment, which form part of the essential safety equipment needed for their operations. The new monitors will provide pre-entry safe level checks and continuously monitor during operations for the following hazardous gases: Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Monoxide, depleted Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.”

BCRC Chairman Peter Dennis said: “We are extremely grateful to Peter and colleagues at Honeywell Analytics for this very generous donation of gas detectors to BCRC cave/mine rescue teams. There is a significant duty of care to the underground search and rescue volunteers for the Wardens and Surface Control personnel, of any team, when managing a rescue incident in support of the Police. This responsibility is greatly assisted when one of the underground hazards, specifically of poor air quality or toxic gases, can be detected before endangering the lives of rescuers or those being rescued. The donation has been made at a critical time because the gas detectors currently used by teams are close to end of service life.”

Mike Clayton, BCRC Equipment Officer added, “We also acknowledge the important role that Pete Dell, Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation, made in the arrangements with Peter Barratt prior to this important donation from Honeywell Analytics and for his continued service, running over many years, in regularly re-calibrating the detectors of all teams”.

Presentation of the gas detectors to BCRC. (3 Peaks Photography)
Peter Dell (DCRO, right) receiving the Multi-Gas Detectors on behalf of the British Cave Rescue Council from Peter Barratt (Honeywell Analytics, left). [Picture: (c) 3 Peaks Photography]
The GasAlert MicroClip Detectors. (3 Peaks Photography)
The Gas Alert MicroClip X3 [Four-Gas] and Gas Alert Micro5 [Five-Gas] detectors. [Picture: (c) 3 Peaks Photography]

Teams were issued with two sets of the Gas Alert MicroClip X3 [Four-Gas] and a smaller number of sets of Gas Alert Micro5 [Five-Gas] which will be distributed amongst selected teams, where Carbon Dioxide is a recorded hazard in the mines or caves of the area they cover.

Gas detector calibration kit (Peter Dell)
The Multi-Gas Detector calibration kit and gases. [Picture: (c) Peter Dell]
Introducing the Multi-Gas Detectors to BCRC Team Reps.
Peter Barratt of Honeywell Analytics explaining the Multi-Gas Detectors to BCRC Team Reps at Buxton Fire Station. [Picture: (c) Kelvin Lake]