Further progress on the rescue operation to bring the boys out of Tham Luang Nang Non Cave

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Further progress on the rescue operation

BCRC is encouraged and relieved by the progress made on the operation to rescue the remaining boys and their coach, led by the Thai authorities but urges caution given the pending onset of monsoon rain. We appreciate that there will anxious moments for all concerned until all trapped individuals and each and every cave rescuer have emerged safely from the Tham Luang cave.

Update for teams and media compiled 20:30h BST, Monday 9 July 2018

BCRC divers returned to the rescue operation today, Monday, 9 July, taking lead and support roles in the dive team who have successfully recovered a further four boys from the cave today. The principles of the rescue followed the same format as yesterday since the conditions had not significantly changed. As a result the speed of exit for the four boys was some two hours faster without compromising safety of either the boys or the divers themselves. The boys have all been transported to hospital where they are receiving appropriate care.

Today again showed how closely and effectively the multinational dive team works together which demonstrates the commitment shown by these volunteers.

Successful though today was, there remain five persons trapped in the cave and it is anticipated that attempts to rescue these five will recommence tomorrow on the basis that the conditions do not deteriorate. In the meantime the kit needs to be prepared and the divers need to recuperate properly to continue to ensure that the rescue is as safe as possible.


Point of contact:

Please direct any enquiries about the cave rescue operation to: comms@caverescue.org.uk or visit BCRC on the newly created FaceBook page (www.facebook.com/BritishCaveRescueCouncil/).

Briefing prepared by BCRC Officers, 9 July 2018.


PDF – BCRC Media Briefing Report 12