European Cave Rescue Conference

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11th-14th November 2021, Ramales de la Victoria, Cantabria, Spain

It has been confirmed by the European Cave Rescue Association (ECRA) that the European Cave Rescue Conference in November will proceed ‘in person’ and will be hosted by Espeleosocorro C├íntabro ESOCAN.

Conference workshops will cover topics such as:

Technical workshop (in a nearby canyon) – exercise and demonstration of stretcher handling without using bolts and anchors. Personal caving equipment including SRT kit required.

Insurance workshop – covering updates on the insurance of:
-members of cave rescue team during cave rescue operations, and caving trips to foreign countries. Rules governing team members when assisting in a foreign country (how many people, what insurance covers, and the amount).
-cavers in home country, what kind of insurance they have, what are insurance obligations, who must have it, during expeditions.
-tourists during visits to caves, who pays cave rescue, what kind of insurance is requested.

Passage enlargement workshop – demonstration of non-blasting tools for passage enlargement in the natural environment.

Medical and Cave diving – notes about these workshops will be issued directly to their members.

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14th European Cave Rescue Meeting