Cave Rescue & trainee Search Advisors

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Raising the profile of Cave Rescue amongst tomorrow’s Search Advisors

Two BCRC officers spent the afternoon of 8th January showcasing the UK’s voluntary cave rescue abilities to trainee Police Search Advisors (PolSAs), alongside colleagues from MREW and ALSAR. Several other organisations and suppliers of specialist equipment attended too.

It was extremely valuable in raising our profile with the PolSAs of tomorrow, many of whom were surprised to find that such large numbers of well-trained and equipped volunteers are available to them.

The trainee PolSAs come from all over the UK, ensuring that many calling authorities will gain and retain better knowledge of cave rescue. This could save lives in future by cutting the call-out delay that many teams experience.

There are three such sessions a year, the next in June, and two BCRC officers or team officers will attend future sessions.