CasBag Project Update

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Update on Developing the next generation of Casbag.

Casualty wrapped in a new style electric CasBag
Casualty wrapped in a new style electrically heated CasBag
The new electrically heated thermal casualty jacket
A new electrically heated thermal casualty jacket

Hypothermia is always on our minds as British cave rescuers. Our cave environment is a hostile one, with an ambient temperature of 8 to 12°C. Hypothermia is an ever-present danger for those requiring rescuing for whatever reason, whether injured, lost or trapped, and is also a risk to rescuers.

Early in 2020, a small, dedicated team of volunteers started to look at developing a new generation of casbag, utilising advances in materials that have occurred since the last casbag production in 2007. With the arrival of Covid-19 which led to furlough leave, cessation of outdoor hobbies and chilly home office environments, the project grew from the development of a casbag to also looking at a casualty jacket and electrical heat packs, which can all be used together or by themselves.

On 5 December 2020, cave rescue teams from all over the British Isles met online to participate in the latest BCRC casbag project developments to keep casualties warm in cold cave environments. Developments are ongoing and teams are encouraged to get involved in the project and testing, but the future is looking warmer.

Read more about the project on the BCRC CasBag Project page.